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KABHI KHUSHI KABHIE GHAM is a story about loving your parents. About showing them how much you care about them and make them happy. This story is about a guy named Raj (Shahrukh Khan) how is a rich mans son called Yashovardhan Raichand (Amitabh Bachchan) Raj falls in love with a village girl Anjali (Kajol). Yash wants Raj to get married to a rich girl but he wants to only get married to Anjali. Raj tells his mother Nandini (Jaya Bachchan) and she has no problem with that. But then the problem starts Anjali's father dies and Anjali is alone with her little sister Puja so Raj gets married to her.

When Yash finds out about Raj getting married to a village girl and not a rich girl he kicks Raj out the house and tells him to never come back so they leave Raj goes to meet his little brother Rohan and says to get in to the cricket team and to take care of his mother and father. But when Rohan kept asking that why are you leaving for but Raj did not say. So thats what happens so far. After 8 years Rohan (HRITHIK ROSHAN) is big and just finished college and goes to his grandma's house and he hears everything that his grandma and his nan talking about they where talking about why Raj left. So they tell him the truth and then he decided that he is going to get Raj back in to the family and also his wife back so they can be a happy family again.

Rohan finds out where they are and he finds out from Raj and Anjalis friends and then they tell him that they have gone to London so then thats when he asked Yash's pemission to go to London and he let him go so then he thought that he will get all the happiness back to the family. Rohan goes to London to find Raj he checks his address on the internet. All of sudden in Raj's house his house is really big and they are settled in London and they have a son called Krishi. Puja (Kareena Kapoor) grows up and she is all ready to go to college with her friends. Then all of a sudden the one and only Rohan comes to collage and tells Puja the full story how he wants his brother and sister-in-law back and all the happyness back in his family so Puja helps him out. The only way to get to Raj is to get in to his house so Puja comes up with a plan to get Rohan in to the house with out finding out that Rohan is Raj's brother. Well then Rohan is allowed in the house saying his name is Yash.Puja and Rohan fall in love. Krishi has a class show and he wins and Puja said how come you were not nervous and Krishi said I said to myself to always think about my parents and to love them and you would win. Raj was thinking that he said that to his brother so how does he know and then Krishi says it was Rohan that tells him and that's when Raj finds out that that guy that has been living in his house is his brother and that's when they have a good talk.

Raj said to Rohan that did you get in to the cricket team he said yes and Raj said that did you take care of mother and father and he said yes. Rohan was forcing Raj to come back home but he wouldn't come so Rohan had to come up with another idea to bring his parents to London. Yash and his wife come to London and Rohan tells him to meet him in the shopping mall so he goes there and that's when Raj and Yash see each other and Raj's mum and they see Anjali. When they get home Yash has a go at Rohan for liying to him and then Rohan says something back and says the truth and then Yash slaps Rohan. Nandini has a go at Yash about all the truth and that's when Yash realises that he was wrong since day 1 and he goes and says sorry to Raj and Anjali and he brings them back to the family and all their happiness comes back to there family. Rohan and Puja get married and they all be happy and they got all there happiness back.