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MAIN PREM KI DIWANI HOON is a story about a girl name Sanjana (Kareen Kapoor) that doesn't want to get married but her mother keeps forcing her. Sanjana has 1 big sister that is married and has 1 daughter and is happy but Sanjana is happy the way she is. Her father is the only one that is giving he side. Sanjana's mum has found a guy for her and is going to go down her house and stay there for a few days. When he arrives the one and only Prem (HRITHIK ROSHAN) looks at Sanjana and falls in love with her. Sanjana has so many plans to get rid of Prem but it doesn't work because Sanjana falls in love with Prem is well.But that's where the trouble starts. Sanjana's mum just got some information that he is not the Prem that Sanjana is suppose to meet. Sanjanas mum thought that Prem was rich that's why she liked him so much but when she found out he is not the one she started hating him because she found out that he works in a company and the owner is Prem (Abhishek Bachachan). That's the Prem Sanjana was suppose to meet the rich and famous one. Prem Kishen (Hrithik Roshan) goes away for a wile to finish the rest of his work off. Then all of a sudden Prem Kumar comes (Abhishek Bachchan) to Sanjans house with his mum to meet Sanjana and her Parents. Sanjana doesn't Know that Prem Kishen is not the one and even if she did Know she wouldn't care that's why Sanjanas mum didn't tell her after the wedding gets decided that's when Sanjana finds out. When Sanjana finds out that Prem Kumar likes Sanjana and they are about to get married then that's when Prem Kishen comes back and finds out the truth. Sanjana's mother treats Prem Kishen like he is not in the room and Prem Kishen and Prem Kumar are not only business partners they are also best friends. So Prem Kishen gives up his love to make Prem Kumar happy and Sanjana doesn't Know what to do be course her mum keeps forcing her to get married and her dad says its up to you what you want to do. Sanjana tells Prem Kumar to tell everyone the truth and he says ok he say he will meet her at 4 o clock so Sanjana waits for him but he doesn't show up he goes back to another town and says to Prem Kumar that he has to finish his work off but he would come to his and Sanjanas engagement. When Sanjana finds out she cant do anything about it so she gets engaged to Prem Kumar. Everyone gets ready to set off for the engagement and when Prem Kumar and Sanjana put the rings on each other that's when Prem Kishen comes and Sanjana slapped him. That's when everyone find out what is happening between them and that's when Sanjanas mum starts to shout at her for what she did. Prem Kumar doesn't care about what happened all he Knows that Sanjana and Prem Kishen love each other. So Prem talks it over with Sanjanas mum and she accepts Prem Kishen is well and they both get married but Prem Kumar still loves Sanjana but treats her as a friend.

So there you have it the story of MAIN PREM KI DIWANI HOON if you haven't seen this film go out and watch it its got the FIT AND FINE HRITHIK ROSHAN SO GO AND WATCH THIS FILM.