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Hi I hope you like my Hrithik Roshan web page. My name is Shazia Ahmed im 15 years old and im from High Wycombe and i go to a School called Cressex School and am going in year 11 Know my class is 11b and also a big fan of Hrithik Roshan. My Hrithik Roshan web site is all about his past and about his life and his films and his family. This website also has pictures of Hrithik Roshan when he was a kid and also pictures of him now fit and fine. I have been hrithiks fan for 4 years and his films are terrific. There is also a table of his films and which was the best and which film he got an award for.Hrithik Roshan also got the best award for being the best actor in BollyWood. I have got all of Hrithik Roshans articals and also seen all his interviews. I have also got a autograph of Hrithik Roshan saying dear Shazia love Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik Roshan is making a new film called Krrish and I think he would be perfect for this film because he is the best actor and I think he should carry on making his best films becouse there is no films with out the star Hrithik Roshan. Hrithiik Roshan was also in a program called Koffee With Karen with Shah Ruk Khan and his wife and Hrithik Roshan and is wife. I made this website because I want people and other Hrithik fans to see what else they can know about Hrithik Roshan and that he is the best actor. Hrirhik roshan's favourite pets are Tiger and Persian cat. his star sign is Capricon. When I watched Kaho na...pyar hai that's when I became his no 1 fan because he is a good actor and he is fit and also he is the best actor in Bollywood. There are lots of pages of Hrithik Roshan that you can see and it has all his infomatition and all his pictures of his film. It took me a month to do this website and it was hard and I still try to make my website and I did this is the website that I have now got.All i want to say is MERE DIL KI DHADKHAN HRITHIK ROSHAN.

That's all for today and please check out the rest of my website THANKS